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Customer Reviews

Quick Hitch is a must have around the shop/farm/ranch. Great blend of versatility, strength and quality at a Fair Price!

Rick Z. – MN

I purchased my Woodchuck log splitter from HH Fabrication three years ago as I needed a heavy duty skid steer log splitter. I cut 30 chords of wood a season and before I picked up my Woodchuck many of the larger logs we left behind. In three years and countless giant trees later I am very happy with the ease of use, low maintenance and extreme durability of the Woodchuck log splitter. I highly recommend this attachment to anyone looking to split some big trees and get the job done.

Patrick K. – MN

We have been really happy with the performance of the pallet forks. They slide very easily and are very well built. The back support is the right height so it's not a hassle to get in and out of the cab. We really also like the convenience of the step on the side.

Kevin L. – IA

I’ve purchased buckets, root grapples and bale spears from HH Fabrication. They are built heavier and hold up better than other attachments that I’ve had in the past.

Warren M. – MN

Great products – many different attachments.

Tim W. – MN

I recently purchased a material fork curved tine grapple. Works great…well-built and heavy.

Zach G – MN

I’ve purchased numerous attachments from HH Fabrication and have been pleased with each one. I purchased the root grapple over 10 years ago and still works great to this today. They are a great company to work with and stand behind their attachments!

Gary P – SD

My brother and I currently own six HH attachments on our farm. The Rock Bucket greatly reduces the amount of time needed to pick large areas clear of the rocks that range from the implement damaging size down to the very small nuisance size. The Root Grapple gets used for everything where a grapple comes in handy....moving logs, trees, & brush, moving railroad ties, digging out rocks and stumps, and moving construction and demolition debris.
The Big Ripper is the King for working big rocks out of the ground and for digging out tree stumps. We’ve been able to dig out many rocks so large that the skid loader can’t lift them once they are on top of the ground. The Pallet Forks get used several times every day for unloading totes, moving logs, and unloading pallets from trucks and trailers.
We had a custom dirt bucket made by HH. It has a nice low profile design so you can see the cutting edge position and angle which helps prevent the bucket from gouging and diving when digging and working with dirt and sod. The latest attachment purchased was the Leveling Bar. It works great for leveling out our graveled parking area and driveway but it also works for shaving off pocket gopher mounds, smoothing out the bumps of black dirt before seeding grass, back dragging gravel to fill in potholes, and shaving off the weeds and leveling out the dirt that accumulates under fence lines. Another use we’ve found for it is to find any loose rocks or other debris in tall grass or weeds. We set it flat on the ground and slowly idle forward until we locate and remove any obstacles that we otherwise would have hit with the mowers.
All the attachments are well designed, well built, and we’ve yet to have any fail or break in any way.

Dale M – Rutland, ND

The bale spears work great! Very well built, I like the four spears!

Mike T. – MN